January 2nd …..what’s special about this date?

It’s Tori’s BIRTHDAY!

And does SHE like to CELEBRATE!!

2009 – 6 years old!!

The party was held at Merle's house in Madison and attending were myself and Kim, in addition to of course Merle. It's started with shrimp hand fed to her and progressed to more presents and then a cake! Along with a wonderful squeaky ball she got THE MILK JUG, the ball from the yard and a few other miscellaneous toys! It was a fun party!

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the afternoon started with jumbo shrimp hand fed by Merle!


Then there was the party hat and presents.

image45The infamous MILK JUG! ….and the fun flattened ball smothered with peanut butter.


And let’s not forget the awesome squeaky ball from Kim!


And what party is complete without cake!!!


And a nap after all the excitement!!


I think she’s saying Thank You…